Living Without You Is Like TV In Black & White


Once again, Lana Del Rey proves that she can do no wrong. Two days ago an unreleased track called “TV in Black and White” leaked on the internet, and it’s everything Lana and more. Check it out here:

Luckily I was able to snag an mp3 of this song before it was removed from the easily accessible corners of the internet, so I can listen to it ALL THE TIME…which is exactly what I have been doing the past 48 hours. There’s always that one person that you just don’t feel complete without, and that’s what this song reminds me of (not like I need much reminding…).

It’s really a shame that it took me so long to realize the genius that is Lana Del Rey. Last summer I was introduced to her by her song “National Anthem”, which was one of the greatest music finds of last summer (trust me, there were many). However, other than that her other songs didn’t really appeal much too me. I guess you can say I hopped on the Lana bandwagon with everyone else after she released her song “Young & Beautiful” off the Great Gatsby soundtrack. It was then that I decided to give her music a second look, and it was certainly a great decision. Kristen Wiig’s impersonation of Lana on SNL described her perfectly when she said she was “…stiff, distant, and weird,” and that’s what I thought of her when I first listened to “Video Games”. But once you indulge yourself into the rest of the Born to Die album, you realize just how perfect her weirdness is, and how it’s complimented by pure genius.

So maybe it took me a about a year to finally fall into the arms of Lana Del Rey, but it’s something I will never regret. Her music almost defines my life, and when you listen to her songs it’s as if she’s singing directly to you.

I will say this again; Lana Del Rey can do no wrong. Indulge my friends.