Lana Del Rey premieres “West Coast” audio, preps world for sophomore full-length


Mixtapes and Monuments


Today, world-renowned chamber pop siren Lana Del Rey debuted the smoky first taste of her second full-length Ultraviolence, titled “West Coast.” Taking a turn from the soaring orchestrations that saturated her debut Born To Die, the track vibes off of slurred half-hooks and equally hazy alt-rock instrumentation (courtesy of  Black Keys’ Dan Aurebach). But even with the shift, the record still sounds undeniably Lana Del Rey; the chorus is awash with swooning proclamations of her uninhibited adoration for her bad-boy beau.

Is “West Coast” a radio-friendly shift for Lana? Absolutely not. Is it indicative of the overall sound and atmosphere of Ultraviolence? It certainly could be.

Either way:

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