Yes, you’ve heard right…Netflix has officially removed Spongebob from their instant stream.


WORDS CANNOT BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW FURIOUS I AM RIGHT NOW! As a 22 year old male I have no shame in saying that I love Spongebob. In fact I watch Spongebob practically every single day on my Netflix account (I guess I should say “used to watch…”). It sort of acted like my getaway; a stress reliever when I was feeling down, and pretty much a remedy for anything imaginable. I consider Spongebob the most quotable show in history, since you can literally find a Spongebob quote that will fit any life situation – or at least I can. I even started a GroupMe with three of my friends, where all we do is talk in Spongebob quotes.

So maybe my obsession is rather concerning. But I DON’T CARE…that’s one addiction that I’ll probably never part ways with. So you can see why I’m furious that I can no longer watch Spongebob when I want on Netflix, like I have been doing for the past four years. Not to mention that this situation comes at the worst time since I’m all alone in CT, and all I do is watch Spongebob when I get home after work.

So here I am, sitting on my couch with a bowl of Mac ‘n Cheese when I pull up Netflix on my web browser and notice that Spongebob is no longer in my instant queue. I couldn’t believe it. So I did a little investigating (and by investigating I mean google search), and found out that today Netflix’s licenses with Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, and BET expired; thus all the shows belonging to those networks can no longer be streamed online. Not that I particularly care for any of the other networks – because let’s be serious it’s been years since anything good came out of MTV; the last good thing to come from VH1 was probably Divas Live back in the 90’s; and BET is just…BET – but Nickelodeon is going to be a big hit. Not only because I love Spongebob, but also because Nickelodeon had most of its awesome 90’s TV shows available for streaming, like Rugrats, Angry Beavers, etc. It’s sad to see all of this go now.

I just don’t understand whose genius idea it was to let this happen! According to the LA Times, Netflix “has been moving away from broad, multi-year deals with networks and cable channels, in favor of more selective licensing arrangements to carry programs that will work best for its subscribers.” BULLSHIT. I don’t know how accurate the LA Times can be on this matter, but if what they’re claiming is true then what it sounds like is Netflix growing an ego too big for its own good. They are under the impression (as well as a few of my friends) that online streaming, like Netflix, will take over cable in the years to come; as can be seen from their release of the Netflix original series House of Cards. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s going to happen! Especially if Netflix keeps removing movies and TV shows from their instant stream. I’ve always been an instant stream and one DVD at a time customer, but I know that most of Netflix’s subscribers come from solely the instant stream; and if they keep cutting movies and TV shows like they have the past couple of months, they won’t be lasting much longer.

Four damn years it’s been since I first started my Netflix account; and you know what, it’s done me pretty good up until now – even after tripling their prices over the last four years. I think it’s about time I ended with them. Unfortunately I already told my roommate for the summer that I had a Netflix account that we could use since he didn’t want to get cable (despite my best efforts). So I guess I’ll have to continue paying these morons for the next three months. Come September they will be gone…unless of course they bring Spongebob back, then maybe I’ll reconsider.



17 thoughts on “REMOVAL OF SPONGEBOB FROM NETFLIX: The Story of My Rage

  1. SpongeBob is pretty much the only thing I ever watched on Netflix. Maybe I don’t need the service anymore, now.

  2. My 2 year old kept saying “bobob” when he saw the Netflix logo as I was logging in.Not only spongebob but other kids shows as well are gone.I have no reason to keep my account with them.Later you Netflix douchebags!!!!!

  3. From what I read, it was their decision to longer carry the nick shows? Who is making decisions in that building, an idiot? Guess what Netflix, YOU SUCK AGAIN!!

  4. Teen wolf is a tv show on mtv and its still on netflix they should have took that one of and kept spongebob on the show i watched it every day with my niece

  5. Hey Butch, their contract with Viacom ended. They’re working on new contracts for specific shows.
    The Bob will probably be back, but Viacom is a terrible, greedy company, and negotiations are going to take a while.

  6. You and I sir are alike. I’m 22 male who loves spongebob and qoutes it like no other. (Wow that sounded like a wierd online dating cliche, sorry) lol anyways I know almost every episode word for word and I qoute very obscure lines from any episode. I’ve noticed other people do too and I call them out on it in public and give em a thumbs up. I’ve also had a person notice that I qouted something very obscure from spongebob and they made fun of me for it and I said “dude make fun of yourself for knowing what it is from” lol. I think this is because u and I are at that age where we were children when spongebob first came out and it was the best kids show to watch throughout our childhood and it is still going pretty strong. Yeah some newer episodes flop but some have their charm. Now we are older and it is less acceptable to like kids shows, but many people who are older or maybe younger dont understand that spongebob in many ways defined us. It was a time when Internet wasnt so big and as kids we didn’t have iPads and stuff to stream the billions of you tube channels that kids stick their faces in today. In the 90s and early 2000s nick was all we had. I feel so fortunate to have had a childhood in the 90s it was right before Internet, portable apple products, Facebook, texting, ect. really got big. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see kids getting excited anymore. It’s like globalization/endless possibilities via Internet just sucked the gittyness youth out of them and made them grow up too fast. When ever I get on xbox live for instance there are 6 year olds cursing and talking about sex and what have u and aside from their squeaky voices, they are very much like adults or rude ones at that. But im sure every generation looks down on the generation that follows theirs but I will always believe that my childhood had the perfect balance of imagination and technology. And a perfect balance of spongebob. I think I’ll just go ahead and buy them on DVD.

  7. Yo, the UK Netflix has the first 4 seasons on it still, change your console WAP settings into thinking your in the UK, and enjoy. There are online YouTube video that give you clear step by step instructions. I live in the UK but have the USA Netflix by doing this.

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